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Aviation USA Aero (AUSAA) is a 501(c)3 that implements hands on airplane builds for high school students. One of our programs incorporates a kit airplane build to bring STEM Aviation, Aerospace, Engineering, and a variety of soft skills to students for future STEM careers.


AUSAA builds communities around each AUSAA program and our students. We thrive in making this a win, win for every student, as we rally with them in connecting community mentors, experienced pilots/aviation enthusiast, industry partners, organizations, and more for the future of STEM careers and the future of our students.

Watch the video to learn more about our airplane building program around science, technology, engineering and math.

driving plane



  • Inclusive for all students

  • Career pathways into the Aviation Industry and STEM pipeline.

  • Building confidence

  • Encouraging teamwork

  • Develop skill set

  • Instill character

  • Teach good work ethics



  • Career paths in Aviation and Engineering

  • Mechanical  skill sets for future

  • College preparedness

  • Hours towards A&P certification

  • Grades increase dramatically

  • Future aviators

  • Military Flight Training Academy

  • Aerospace College concentrations

  • Applied Technology Aviation Maintenance



We immerse our students in aviation, with a hands-on STEM technique of learning. We teach them to have fun and to be engaged in their approach to learn with aviation educators and professional mentors from the various aviation, industry, engineering fraternity.

Metal airplane wing resting on a tan work station



Aviation USA's President and Director of STEM Education, Derek Rowe is currently a High School Aviation educator of 7 years and 35 years as a helicopter and fixed wing pilot. He currently teaches high school aviation in Tennessee.

Aviation USA is great for high school aviation programs , Independent STEM programs, Youth Groups, small airports, Community Colleges and anywhere you want to bring STEM Aviation to students.

This is a hands-on education, structured by teamwork, deep thinking STEM processes, and leadership, accessible to reach students from all walks of life,

blue metal plane tail sitting on work station

For more information and details, please contact

Derek Rowe, President:

We look forward to building students dreams with you!

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