Aviation USA offers a complete STEM Aviation and Aviation Engineering development program for middle school, high school and college students.

Using a State approved curriculum,

students will be taught in all aspects of flight and aerospace. They will build and then fly their very own Van's RV-12 aircraft while being mentored by industry and aviation professionals.



Aviation USA (AUSAA), a 501C3 organization supporting student pathways to the aviation industry in providing an array of academic and practical programs. This includes hands-on airplane builds for high schools, clubs, after school programs and community colleges.

AUSAA is founded on the principle that learning should be a fun and an exciting experience, showing the students of today, they are the true future!



Engaging students in STEM Aviation using the means available; to INSPIRE, CHALLENGE, EDUCATE, and PREPARE them for an amazing future!




Establishing multiple education sites throughout the USA in STEM Aviation Education in producing future engineers, aviation and industry leaders!

With COVID-19, we are now more then ever, focused on bringing important lessons on preparation and empowerment for whatever pathway they chose to travel!



  • To focus on Under-represented, Under-served students, along with students from all walks of life.

  • To prepare students for career pathways into the Aviation Industry and STEM pipeline.

  • To build confidence

  • To encourage teamwork

  • To develop a highly valuable      skill set

  • To instill character

  • To practice & teach good work ethics



  • Many students have chosen to follow career paths in Aviation and Engineering

  • A significant increase with our students in choosing a career path

  • More than half of our students go on to become pilots while others pursue STEM careers and even careers with NASA.

  • We have projects active in many states, with more applications pending.

  • Student's overall grades and ASVB scores increase dramatically




We immerse our students in aviation, with a hands-on STEM technique of learning. We teach them to have fun and to be engaged in their approach to learn with aviation educators and professional mentors from the various aviation, industry, engineering fraternity.