Aviation USA Aero

Airplane builds for students where mentors build students and students build airplanes.

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•Aviation USA's three-year aviation education curriculum along with the quality build manual was written by Aviation USA's President and Director of STEM Education, Derek Rowe. Derek is currently a High School educator of 6 years and 35 years as a helicopter and fixed wing pilot.

•The State approved education curriculum, along with an approved academic manual for the aircraft build project, is used with all our Aviation USA builds nationwide.

•The curriculum is developed in a way that it teaches aviation, Private Pilot Theory, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, federal aviation regulations skills, computer programing skills, people skills, industry skills, teamwork, social skills, leadership, and , preparing students to start their journey in Aviation Flight, Aviation Engineering and much more.

•Aviation USA is great for School Aviation programs, Independent STEM programs, Youth Groups,  small airports, Community Colleges, and anywhere you want to bring   STEM Aviation to students.

•This is a hands-on education, structured by teamwork, deep thinking STEM processes, and leadership, accessible to reach students from all walks of life.

For more information and details, please contact

Derek Rowe, President: 931-637-4393 or Angie Verissimo, VP: 765-414-8487.

We look forward to building with you!