Chapter Membership

Aviation USA Aero Memberships

Chapter Memberships are required for each Aviation USA build.

Please contact Aviation USA about fees to become a Chapter.

Being an Aviation USA Chapter Member provides the following benefits:

  • Access to Nationwide approved 3 year curriculum that provides dual High School and College credits.

  • Purchase of the Van's Aircraft RV-12is at a preferential cost, only offered through Aviation USA.

  • Chapter Leadership Training.

  • We supply the empennage, which is the first part of the build, at our expense. This is our commitment to you.

  • A team of EAA members, airplane enthusiast certified and ready to volunteer within your student build.

  • A shared knowledge of our members nationwide.

  • Fund raising ideas and working alongside you with financial partners.

  • Marketing assistance for advertising sale of aircraft, if you wish to sell? Along with assistance completing registration and airworthiness certification.

  • Annual Chapter Membership conference at different locations annually.

  • And much more......

Contact us.

Our mailing address is:

Aviation USA Aero

PO Box 308 Cornersville, TN 37047


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