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Get Involved

Aviation USA could not exist without the support of others that have a passion for students to excel and thrive in STEM, aviation, mechanical/industrial engineering and so much more. If you are a retired pilot, active pilot, Industrial Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, airplane mechanic, pilot enthusiast, aviation/aerospace educator,  or are just a passionate all into STEM type of person, we would love to have you on board!

​Aviation USA firmly needs the financial support of industries and others for the growth of students in STEM aviation education. Your support helps to build the minds of students and put the world of an aviation and/or engineering career at their fingertips. Your partnerships for internships, or as a career path in engineering/aviation/mechanical/industry helps propel them to the next level. We need you for students to succeed and discover their potential  in advancing the world in which we live.

Aviation USA is a 501c3 and relies on grants. If you are a private foundation, corporation, or organization that has a grant that we can apply for, please send us the information. We are happy to share the impact of students, growth, “Where are they now” and the passion of so many to make Aviation USA what it is.

If you feel you have something to contribute but not certain where it fits in, please reach out to us as we are always interested in connecting with others that have the same passion and forward moving enthusiasm for the students in Stem, Aviation and Engineering.